Reliable products since the 1960s. If you need a tube, we’ve got the tube for you.

Our Products

These forms can be produced from an 8” ID to a 48”. Standard length is 12’ but can be quoted to a custom size if interested. Our state-of-the-art digital printer stamps our logo on these in black ink. Let us customize your logo on these in black or blue ink. These come coated inside and outside with high-quality wax for easy removal.

This is our newest product we offer. These forms are available in the same ID sizes as our OPT-T-TUBES. They also come with the water-resistant wax coating on the inside and outside. Our custom-built machine prints one-foot markings along the length of the 12’ cement form for “E-Z” cutting to desired lengths. They are pink in color for high visibility. A portion of the proceeds are given towards Breast Cancer Awareness.

Ohio Paper Tube has developed a special foam cushioned tube for the steel companies. We can produce a paper tube wrapped in foam, which help prevent overlap indentations throughout the coil. We cover the core with a high quality black 1/8” foam cushion. These foam tubes can be produced in a wide range of ID’s, lengths, and wall sizes.

Ohio Paper Tube shipping tubes are of the highest demand. These tubes can be produced in a wide range of ID’s, lengths, and wall sizes. They can also be customized with printing. Other variations can be folding tubes, perforated tubes, rewind tubes, and special cuts – for example: slits and slots. We can provide plastic caps, metal ends or wooden plugs for extra strength and protection.

Our flap cores are customer specific. They are used for rewinding product onto the tubes, such as wrapping paper and plastic, along with other materials.

Our small recuts are used as blocking cores with exceptional strength. These can be used for various other applications. Our large recuts are used for rewinding plastic or steel banding, and plastic or copper coils. We do not just sell tubes and cores, we provide solutions.

Why us?

Family Owned

Ohio Paper Tube Co started in 1968 and is 3rd generation family owned and operated.

Custom Hardware

Custom-made machines to produce a variety of ID’s, lengths and wall thickness for your special needs. Our digital printer can even mark your personalized logo, address, and phone number to advertise your business.

Customer Satisfaction

We are willing to go the extra mile to see customer satisfaction.

American Made

All of our products are made from 100% recycled paper right here in America.

Environmentally Friendly

We use a specialized mixture of environmentally friendly glue and oils to waterproof the inside and outside of the tubes for concrete and weather protection.

Local Delivery

We can provide local delivery at an affordable rate.